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This is a Nation-wide Motorcycle Accident Attorney Directory built by Bikers for Bikers. We only pick the Most Qualified Lawyers. We look for:

  • Experience: Who has the most experience in the field of Motorcycle Injury law.
  • Reputation: Who is known to treat bikers with the respect they deserve.
  • Involvement: Who is actually involved in supporting the Motorcycle Community.
  • Passion: Who has shown passion to fight for the rights of hurt motorcycle riders.
  • Track Record: Who has the best record of winning Motorcycle Accident cases.

Unfortunately, when you’re on your bike you are not protected from other drivers and the most common motorcycle accidents are devastating. They can result in the catastrophic personal injury, which can mean the loss of your personal freedoms, the inability for you to work or pay your bills and even the death of a loved.

Every single one of our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys has personal experience working with clients, friends and even family on their motorcycle accident case. They understand the bias that motorcycle riders face as well as how the insurance companies try to take advantage of that.

Your attorney will fight to bring you the Justice you deserve because they’re passionate about getting you the support you need. Plus, they all work on contingent, which means they don’t get paid until they win for you!

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