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Motorcycle Law FAQ in Colorado

The Most Commonly Asked Questions from Riders Like You.

What are the motorcycle license laws in Colorado?

What are the costs to license and operate a motorcycle in Colorado?

Does Colorado have a helmet law?

Is motorcycle insurance required by law in Colorado?

Is it illegal to not report an accident in Colorado?

If my motorcycle had a defect, can I claim compensation in Colorado?

How much money can I expect for a personal injury claim?

Do I have to pay tax on my personal injury settlement?

Are there laws for underglow lights in Colorado?

How do I get my motorcycle license in Colorado?

To obtain an “M” endorsement on your driver's license, you must be at least 16 years of age and possess a valid Colorado license. There are two different ways to acquire the endorsement on your license: 

  1. Take the motorcycle written exam 
  2. Purchase a motorcycle instruction permit after passing the written exam.

For smaller vehicles like mopeds and scooters, these do not qualify as motorcycles, but Colorado law requires that you have at least a basic driver's license to operate a low-power scooter on public streets. 

It is important to take note that the State of Colorado no longer issues “Motorcycle Only” licenses. The “M” or motorcycle endorsement is now a part of the regular or CDL license, so all riders must have a basic license.

New riders or those with a Learner's motorcycle permit must not have passengers and can only ride from sunrise until a half-hour after sunset. To obtain a full license, the applicant must have a learner motorcycle license and pass an advanced skills test.

- Dianne Sawaya, Top Colorado Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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There are a few things to consider when looking at costs associated with licensing and operating a motorcycle in the State of Colorado. 

First, you must pay for permitting fees: 

  • $14 for the instruction permit if under the age of 18. 
  • $21 for a Colorado driver’s license if you do not already have one. 
  • $2 additional fee for the 'M' endorsement added to your driver’s license.Nov 27, 2014

Then there are tag or plate fees:

  • Information: Research Colorado Revised Statute 42-3-102(59). Available For: Passenger cars or trucks that do not exceed sixteen thousand pounds empty weight. Fees: One-time fee of $50.00 for the issuance or replacement of plates. $25 renewal fee.

Then there is the cost of mandatory motorcycle insurance in Colorado?

  • The average cost of motorcycle insurance in Colorado is $534 a year.

- Dianne Sawaya, Top Colorado Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Although helmets are proven to save lives, motorcycle riders age 18 and over are not required to wear helmets in Colorado. However, if the motorcycle operator or passenger is below the age of 18, they must wear DOT-approved helmets while on motorcycles.

For ATV riders, a helmet is also required for both drivers and passengers under the age of 18. It is also mandatory for ATV riders to wear protective eyewear in the State of Colorado.

There is no law that requires Colorado cyclists to wear helmets or prevents them from talking on cell phones while riding. Hopefully, most cyclists will view this as a common-sense issue despite any formal laws in place.

SPECIAL NOTE: As a note of interest because Colorado is known for its mountains and skiing - Skiers and snowboarders are not required to wear helmets on the slopes.

- Dianne Sawaya, Top Colorado Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Almost all states in the U.S. require owners to have motorcycle insurance, and they must show proof of insurance to register their motorcycle.

Motorcycle insurance is required in the State of Colorado. There are specific coverage requirements stating that you must carry a minimum of liability insurance in Colorado as listed below: 

  • $25,000 bodily injury per person. 
  • $50,000 bodily injury per incident. 
  • $15,000 property damage per incident.

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), motorcyclists must also carry med-pay coverage, which pays for medical expenses incurred after an accident.

You must be able to provide proof of Insurance and Financial Responsibility at all times when operating a motorcycle in Colorado.

Although law officials can access your insurance information through the Colorado statewide database system, it is your responsibility to show proof of coverage at all times by carrying one of the following when operating a motorcycle:

  • A certificate of self-insurance or
  • An insurance identification card

Operating your motorcycle without this proof of insurance puts you at risk for the penalties listed below:

First-time offense:

  • A minimum fine of $500.
  • Four points added to your driving record.
  • Possible suspension.

Second-time offense:

  • A minimum fine of $1,000.
  • A four-month suspension.

Third-time offense:

  • A minimum fine of $1,000.
  • Community service.
  • An eight-month suspension.

- Dianne Sawaya, Top Colorado Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Although you must notify the police immediately following an accident, officers may not always create a report. Colorado law requires an officer to investigate however they are only required to make or file a report if they have a reasonable basis to believe that any individual person's property damage exceeds $1,000 or if there is a death or injury.

Always report an accident and request that the officer attending creates a report and provides you the file number for that report. Injuries are not always notifiable immediately after an accident, nor are damages; without a report, it is more difficult to challenge for required damage compensation that you might need.

Take pictures of the site - and take note of any other driver’s details in case they are required should damage be realized after the accident site has been cleared.

- Dianne Sawaya, Top Colorado Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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If you were in an accident caused by a defect in your motorcycle, you might be able to make a claim against the manufacturer or repair shop which made or installed the defective parts or repairs. Problems with systems such as:

  • The brakes
  • The tires
  • The fuel system
  • Even the design of the motorcycle

It can all be considered part of the cause of an accident. If you believe your accident was caused by a defective part or improperly handled repairs, be sure to photograph the section of your bike containing those parts as evidence and discuss the matter with a professional attorney to see what we can do to help.

Colorado law gives a period of 2 years following the time of the accident to make a claim, or 10 years since your motorcycle was first sold.

- Dianne Sawaya, Top Colorado Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Many people have asked us what the average settlement is for a personal injury? There is no exact hard answer to that as each incident is so unique. There are some statistics we can share, for example, seven out of ten claimants receive a settlement or award for their personal injury claims. Settlements and court awards in personal injury cases typically range from $3,000 to $75,000.

When trying to put a financial value to a client's pain and suffering, statistics say that a lawyer will typically sue for three to five times the amount of the out-of-pocket damages (medical bills and loss of work). Therefore, if you were out of pocket $500, you might wish to ask for $1,500, the overage being for "pain and suffering." - again this is not exact; it is merely an example statistic.

By comparison, the median motorcycle accident case verdict is typically about $75,000. This is the median. The average verdict is certainly much higher and varied based on variables of the circumstance. This does not speak to the average motorcycle accident settlement amount because these are cases that go to trial.

- Dianne Sawaya, Top Colorado Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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If you received either a settlement for some personal physical injuries or for physical sickness and you have not taken an itemized deduction for medical expenses that were related to that injury or sickness in prior years, the full amount is non-taxable. Do not include the settlement as your income.

Your lawyer can advise in these situations how to address any taxation questions that might come up for you. Generally speaking; however, personal injury settlements are not income and therefore not taxable by nature.

- Dianne Sawaya, Top Colorado Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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In recent years Underglow lights have gained popularity both in automobiles and in motorcycles; new laws have been created to ensure clarity and safety to the public.

Colorado law does not restrict additional aftermarket vehicle lighting, which would include neon underglow. Therefore, it's our conclusion that in Colorado, neon underglow is not illegal, as long as you follow these restrictions: Green colored lights, however, are explicitly forbidden in the State of Colorado.

Colorado Revised Statute (C.R.S) 42-4-213 states: “Any authorized emergency vehicle…may be equipped with green flashing lights. Such lights may only be used at the single designated command post at any emergency location or incident. Red or blue lights on a civilian motor vehicle are also a serious offense.

- Dianne Sawaya, Top Colorado Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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