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Top Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Get the Kentucky Motorcycle Legal Help You Demand, So You Can Ride Hard.

We are passionate about ensuring that every SINGLE member of the Biker Community who is injured is able to get the Experienced Motorcycle Legal help they need.

To do that properly takes time and research. That’s where this directory comes into place. We’ve done the homework and are confident about each and every attorney we’ve included on our site. Now, sometimes that means we’ll only have one attorney for a state, which means less choices for you.

However, sometimes less is more and knowing who you can trust is priceless. Below is the top Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Texas. Reach out with confidence knowing you’ll be well taken care of.

Melissa Emery

Melissa Emery

Emery Law Office
4610 Outer Loop
Louisville, KY 40219

Telephone number 1-502-771-1529

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