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Motorcycle Law FAQ in South Carolina

The Most Commonly Asked Questions from Riders Like You.

Am I responsible for this outrageous helicopter bill?

Grass and Debris on the Road caused my Motorcycle crash. Who is responsible?

What insurance coverage should I keep on my bike in South Carolina?

The cop cited me at fault for my motorcycle wreck, can your firm fight biker prejudice?

What are the hotspots in Myrtle Beach during Harley Davidson Bike Weeks?

What is required to get your motorcycle license in South Carolina?

Is a helmet required in South Carolina?

The other party was cited for a DUI when they hit me, what are my rights?

If you wreck on your motorcycle and have to be taken to the emergency room this is a very stressful situation. You may or may not be conscious, you may or may not have your family with you and you may or may not be able to make decisions. Unfortunately, emergency medical personnel are not trained Physicians. They may err on the side of caution and order you to be airlifted to the nearest emergency room. Even if you have health insurance, the helicopter charges are outrageous in South Carolina. In fact, they are unreasonable as a matter of law in this State. We have fought this fight before and we are willing to fight it for you!

Air Ambulance Services provided by Air Methods was ordered to be unreasonable as a matter of law in South Carolina. Griffin v. Alford, 2015CP4300513 (S.C. 3rd Cir. dated Sept. 5, 2017). More specifically, when a Judge in South Carolina reviewed one of these bills in the amount of $43,140.97, he found that the bill was unreasonable as a matter of law because:

  1. The services did not actually cost the stated amount;
  2. The air ambulance company did not expect to recover payment for the services rendered because your expectation of recovery was limited; and
  3. Neither the injured person nor any qualified medical professional requested your services.

- Justin M. Lovely, South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Often times, riders lose hope when their bike is the only vehicle involved in the crash.  It’s a terrible feeling, thinking there is no recovery for your injuries and property damage.  While it’s possible that there is no recovery, there is also a possibility that a third party may be liable for your injuries and damages.  In South Carolina we have a lot of rural roads. If a landowner causes the dangerous condition that results in your accident, they are responsible for your damages. We see this often with grass clippings on the road from freshly mowed lawns.

This is why it’s important to immediately document the scene and your injuries. Take pictures of EVERYTHING, especially the road and debris.  This may be your only avenue for recovery in a single bike accident.  If you are riding with a partner, it’s also important to keep this tip in mind.

This is just one of the many tips we teach in our Road Guardian Class in South Carolina, and it can oftentimes be the only thing that can help you recover.

- Justin M. Lovely, South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Understanding your motorcycle insurance coverage is vital. There are 2 types of coverage that you really must understand.

  1. Liability Coverage: In South Carolina our state minimums are $25k. In my 10 years of practicing law, I’ve never seen a motorcycle accident that resulted in less than $25k in medical bills. This speaks for itself. Please take this advice and increase your bodily injury limits to the highest you can afford.
  2. Underinsured Motorist Coverage & Uninsured Motorist Coverage: The second type of coverage you need to worry about in South Carolina, and perhaps the most important when you get behind a bike, Underinsured Motorist Coverage & Uninsured Motorist Coverage. As an attorney my advice is to increase your UIM and UM limits as high as you can afford. 

You can never count on the at-fault driver to carry enough insurance to cover your property or bodily injury damages.  In SC, Underinsured Motorist Coverage “Steps into the shoes” with the at-fault driver and provides “you”, the injured biker, a source of recovery. Uninsured Motorist Coverage will provide coverage if the at-fault party has no insurance.  Uninsured Motorist Coverage is required in South Carolina but only for $25k.  Underinsured Motorist Coverage is optional in South Carolina and is often overlooked by an unknowing rider.  However, the insurance provider is required to make you a meaningful offer of this coverage.  UIM is the most important policy you can have as a rider. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for your spouse and children.

- Justin M. Lovely, South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Biker prejudice is a real thing, especially here in South Carolina. Not everyone likes a motorcycle. Many people dislike motorcyclists. In some of our cases, we even see the biker cited for an accident when he or she was not at fault. In cases like these, it’s imperative that we document and secure all the evidence of the accident as soon as possible.

In a lot of the cases we’ve handled where prejudice is clear we’ve been brought in time to get our own investigators involved to secure video footage or witness statements that totally contradict the officer's report. By doing this, we are able to turn the table and fight for the injured rider.

- Justin M. Lovely, South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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We are fortunate in Myrtle Beach to have two large motorcycle rallies each year. These rallies usually occur in May and October. If this is your first time to Bike Week, there are several hot spots in the Myrtle Beach area that you need to check out. Each part of the beach that participates in the Harley-Davidson bike weeks has a unique experience and it's tailored towards different experiences for different types of riders. Areas: Murrells Inlet - MB -NMB -LR

- Justin M. Lovely, South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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There are several things you need to do to get your motorcycle license in South Carolina. If you have never held a driver's license then you need to start with a motorcycle beginner's permit. To get that permet you need to review the motorcycle and moped operators manual that's put out by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and then pass a short test.

Once you pass the test, the South Carolina DMV will grant you a Motorcycle Beginner's Permit. Then you’re eligible to take the motorcycle road course, which is required to get your full motorcycle license. You can also take a safety course at your local Community College or at a dealership such as Harley-Davidson in order to bypass the road test requirement. I highly recommend doing this.

Both Harley-Davidson in Myrtle Beach and Horry Georgetown community college offers a motorcycle course every other weekend. These courses usually take the whole weekend and are taught by seasoned motorcycle operators.

The lovely Law Firm often speaks at these classes in order to give first-time riders a primer on motorcycle insurance coverage issues and what they need to be on the lookout for. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or not, the Lovely Law Firm recommends taking a router safety class in order to brush up on your safety skills and keep your motorcycle knowledge sharp as you ride the beautiful South Carolina roads.

- Justin M. Lovely, South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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In South Carolina, you do NOT have to wear a helmet when you operate a motorcycle unless you are under the age of 21. Wearing a helmet on a motorcycle is a controversial issue all around the United States, especially here in South Carolina. This is because of the freedom that the rider seeks when he's on his bike.

The law is clear that if you are under 21 then you’re required to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.a helmet is required. If you’re over 21 the it’s your choice whether or not to wear a helmet.

As a lawyer, I’m often asked – ‘Will this hurt my motorcycle injury claim if I wasn’t wearing a helmet?

My answer: As long as you are NOT at fault then not wearing a helmet doesn’t keep you from filing an insurance claim or bringing a lawsuit. The insurance adjuster on the other side of the defense attorney will likely bring up this fact as a mitigating circumstance to paying damages; However, riding without a helmet does not bar your motorcycle injury claim in South Carolina.

- Justin M. Lovely, South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Myrtle Beach experiences large numbers of tourism every summer. Unfortunately, many of these tourists have too much to drink and record numbers of them are cited with DUI charges. For a motorcycle operator, that is not good news. You are at higher risk during South Carolina’s tourist season when riding your motorcycle due to the fact that there are so many people operating their motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol.

If you’re unfortunate enough to be hit by a suspected drunk driver, it’s important that you document the scene the best as you can. The at-fault driver who is charged with DUI is responsible for ,not only your bodily injury and property damages, but may also be liable for punitive damages due to their reckless conduct. Even if you only sustained property damage by a drunk driver, you need to seek out the legal representation of an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer to help you with your claim.

Often times we are able to secure settlements due to the punitive nature of the at-fault driver's conduct that was far more than the actual property damage sustained in the motorcycle accident. This is simply because we are motorcycle riders ourselves, we know the law, and we will NOT let our fellow riders be taken advantage of by the insurance companies!

- Justin M. Lovely, South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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