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Welcome to Biker Justice USA.


Thousands of innocent bikers are injured each year on our streets and highways.  Far too often Bikers never get the justice they deserve, even when they did nothing wrong, and the other driver was at fault!  How do you find the right lawyer to help you – the lawyer who has the knowledge, experience, and skill set to make sure you get the justice and the financial compensation you deserve?  BIKER JUSTICE USA is YOUR answer!

Biker Justice USA Lawyers understand that motorcycle accidents are different than car accidents. And the truth is, insurance companies and juries are often biased against bikers in general, as if you don’t have a right to be on the highway at all.   That’s not fair, but that’s “the system.”  They think YOU assumed the risk of an accident just by riding a motorcycle on the highways. We both know that’s not true!  You have the same rights as any other drivers on the highway.

Biker Justice USA has carefully vetted the lawyers on this site for YOU.  These lawyers have a COMMITMENT to BIKERS’ RIGHTS and they truly understand the system.  They KNOW how to present your case so you can get the maximum recovery and the JUSTICE you deserve.  No HYPE- These lawyers are the real deal; Lawyers you can trust to give you the help you need.

ALL Biker Justice USA Lawyers ARE SO COMMITTED TO BIKERS’ RIGHTS that they will talk to you for FREE, NO STRINGS ATTACHED. They will give you helpful information whether you hire them or not.  Why? Because YOU are entitled to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and to get the JUSTICE you deserve!

Feel free to check this site out: we’ve provided a load of useful information for BIKERS, no matter where you live in the United States.