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Justin Lovely

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Justin Lovely – South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Attorney

With over $17 million recovered for clients, Justin is passionate about the work he does for his clients. Justin M. Lovely grew up riding dirt bikes in East Tennessee.  After law school, he graduated from dirt riding to the Harley Davidson experience.  His first motorcycle case involved severe injuries to the rider with minimal insurance recovery available to the rider. 

Since then, Justin has dedicated his law practice to not only helping injured riders, but educating everyone who will listen about insurance coverage and motorcycle safety tips. “Safety is something we preach every single day.

Cities Represented

· Myrtle Beach
· Conway
· Florence

Legal Education Details

  • Appalachian School of Law – Virginia – May 2009
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More about Justin Lovely

Justin M. Lovely started The Lovely Law Firm in Myrtle Beach with his wife, and law partner, Amy S. Lawrence in November of 2009.

Justin and Amy have owned several different bikes throughout the years, Honda XR, Yamaha Enduro, BMW r1200gs, Honda Vstar, Harley Davidson 883, and a Harley Davidson Fatboy.  

Ownership of these different bikes and different riding styles that are involved with each bike, gives the Lovely’s a unique perspective that helps when evaluating a motorcycle injury claim. Your average attorney simply does not possess this knowledge.

The firm has recovered over $17,000,000 for its clients over the last decade.  Many of our clients are bikers in our Myrtle Beach community. Justin and his team support biker clubs in the Myrtle Beach area and the causes they hold dear.

Justin Lovely and The Lovely Law Firm are an award winning law firm located in Myrtle Beach, which is the home a loyal motorcycle community of roughly 150,000. During the tourist season that number swells to over a million riders and as their number grows so do their legal needs.

Justin, who has been practicing law for over 10 years is also an avid rider. He participates in both the Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Rallies annually and is passionate about making educational opportunities available to every single rider.

Unfortunately, accidents happen and when they do Justin stands up to provide anyone who has been hurt in a motorcycle accident in Myrtle Beach with the legal advice they need and deserve.

Anyway we that can help that’s what we can do.” At the end of the day Justice gets the most satisfaction from leveling the playing field between the large insurance companies and his clients.

Justice to me can meet a lot of things… often in my practice it’s compensation. Because compensation is the only thing that can right a wrong and make them whole again.

– Justin Lovely

Motorcycle Law Career Highlights

“My first personal injury case was a motorcycle accident victim. I was able to successfully negotiate a policy limits settlement on behalf of that client. From that day forward, The Lovely Law Firm focused on helping injured riders. As an attorney who rides, I quickly experienced the trial by fire the downed rider has to deal with while handling an injury claim. In the last ten years we have learned how to leverage the S.C. laws for the benefit of the rider in regards to lien negotiations in order to maximize the take home pay for the injured biker.”

– Justin Lovely

  • Published Author- Justin and his partner have published “The Rider’s Guide to S.C. Motorcycle Laws in 2016“. They then gave this book for free to any rider they meet. When asked about this Justin said, “If we can help just one rider through this book understand his or her rights on the road we are successful.
  • Justin Lovely, a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, won the prestigious Rising Stars award for 2018 – 2019. This award is given by a group of Justin’s peers and is limited to just a few select attorneys in each state.
  • Giving Back to the Rider Community. The Lovely Law Firm sponsors local charity rides and biker organizations. They are active in the local Myrtle Beach rider community and give back whenever they can whether that is by education, man power or monetary donations.
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Articles Authored

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Client Comments

I had a great experience with The Lovely Law Firm. I received a return call very quickly and I explained the incident and answered a few questions. Their process was explained to me clearly and made me feel confident that they would handle my issue from that moment on. Being from out of state that was extremely comforting. They had done everything they had said and the end result was totally positive. I am very pleased with The Lovely Law Firm and absolutely recommend their services.” – Vin M | October 2019

Hands down, the best experience you could ask for. The entire staff is helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Jessica especially, helped me out a lot and put my mind at ease with her great communication skills and upbeat attitude. Very courteous and professional. I would definitely recommend this law firm to others.” – Amanda Bailey | August 2019

Legal Associations that Justin is a part of…

  • President of NAMIL in 2020
  • AMA Member
  • National Trial Lawyers
  • NTL Top 40 Under 40
  • SCAJ
  • SC Injured Workers Advocates

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Justin Lovely Answers the Most Commonly Asked Questions from Riders Like You.

What got you involved with helping motorcyclists?

What do you do to support your local rider community?

What motorcycle community events, dealerships, or clubs have you participated with?

Why are you the lawyer they need to call for motorcycle legal help?

What can people expect when they call your office?

What are the most important questions people ask you after an accident?

What do you do with wrongful death, DUI, or criminal cases?

Is there a certain case that has stuck with you over the years?

Are there any new laws people should be aware of?

Answer: My very first injury case happened to be a rider that had become severely injured and came to our law firm for help. We were able to help that rider and get his damaged property completely paid for. We also got him the maximum compensation limit from his policy and the ‘at fault’ driver’s policy. From that case on we started to help injured motorcyclists.

Answer: We help the local rider community in several ways. We offer a rider VIP card that we give to every rider that we know. We actually always them two so that they can share them with a friend or somebody that they ride with.  

That VIP card gives them a direct dialed number to our office if you have any insurance issues or questions. Or any other legal issues at all - not just an injury case. We want to be your legal advisor for all of your needs. Just call our office and we’re here to help any way possible.

We also give any rider a free insurance review to make sure our motorcyclists have underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage at the highest possible level of coverage that they can afford. That’s the most important thing that a rider can have, and we do everything we can to be sure they’re covered.

Whenever I’m talking to riders individually or at events, I tell them to bring me their insurance policy and myself or one of my attorneys will sit down with them and go through it all. I’ll tell them exactly what they have because a lot of these people are just sold when they call up Geico or Progressive.

They just buy whatever they think is cheapest, but they may not be adequately protected. We go through it all with them and it really enlightens them that how minuscule that extra coverage costs compared to how much coverage they could get.   We are also starting to sponsor Road Guardian classes where riders can learn vital life-saving techniques if they fall or a fellow rider falls.  

Answer: We really like to help out with the combat vets and the war vet organizations so that’s the first thing that comes to mind. We've also started helping Wings of Angels who just did a big Toys for Tots ride and we were able to make a big difference there. It was really rewarding.

Really we do everything we can whether that means raising money for an individual fallen rider, children in need, to compensate for someone's lack of health insurance benefits that they need and anything else that we can do to support our community.

Answer: Well, my wife and I both ride and both grew up on motorcycles, so we understand the riders’ experience. We’re a family and we're also a family law firm so anyone working with us are going to get that experience.

That sense of family is what they can expect when they hire the Lovely law firm. We’re going to not only help them we're going to hold their hand through it all because when they fall and get injured it's usually the first time it's ever happened to them and we can be that expert support they need.

Answer: When they first call my office they're going to be greeted by a welcoming voice from our intake specialist and if they need to talk to me or one of my attorneys immediately we make ourselves available 24/7.

They’ll be asked a few simple questions, get a brief synopsis of what's happened to them and then if it’s after hours the call center will get me a message immediately even if it's 3:00 in the morning. There are plenty of times where I get out of bed and I go straight to the hospital. I am there to help a rider in any way I can and sometimes that means odd hours.

We know how bad things are when you fall. Emotions get high and the fear of the unknown just makes everything worse. If we can alleviate that fear then that’s a good day… a very good day for me.

Answer:  Immediately after accident people don't know who's going to pay their medical bills or their motorcycle repairs. And if they can't work then they worry about who's going to pay lost wages. So naturally those are the top three questions we get.

We step in right away and immediately work to get answers to those questions for both the hurt rider and their worried family. We set their treatment up to make sure their insurance is getting billed properly so they don’t see those bills. If they don't have insurance and need to seek treatment, then we have a network of great local doctors that we can get them in and get treatment started right away.

We focus on alleviating that worry and making sure they get the treatment that they need. We don’t want them to tough it out. You know riders, we all try to say I'm not that hurt and that’s a mistake we see too often. We know injuries could manifest themselves later on down the road so treatment is important.

Answer: Yes, handle wrongful death, DUI and criminal cases. We have a very solid team. My partner who also happens to be my wife, Amy Lawrence, handles our DUI cases and our criminal cases so we can definitely help.

Answer: We recently worked with a motorcyclist who had pulled out of a strip mall was using a turn lane waiting to merge with traffic when he got completely rear-ended and ran down. He suffered terrible injuries and was in the hospital when his family contacted us. We went right away to meet with him and it turned out the insurance company was denying the claim. 

Everything looks bad for his case. The officers had arrived on the scene of the accident and of course he is unable to respond due to his injuries. The police report cites him ‘at fault’, they're denying the claim and he did not have any insurance of his own. So, yes it all looks even worse the more we dig and that’s when a lot of people would quit.

Not my team. We have a team of investigators we work with. One is a retired detective from the Raleigh Police Department, and another is a highly experienced investigator. I use these guys for these kinds of cases because they both ride and they know what I need when I tell them to go out there and get me proof this guy was not at fault.

They interviewed all the witnesses and everyone they could find, and we found a few people to support our client but that wasn’t enough. So, they scoured the block and found a video camera in a pawn shop parking lot that happened to pick up the whole accident. The recording was from a distance and we were able to get that video preserved and magnified by an expert to make it large enough to see the whole accident as it happened. And guess what?! It happened exactly as the motorcycle rider said NOT what the ‘at fault’ driver claimed. From that point on we were able to completely flip the case and we were able to recover the policy limits for that rider.

Another big story is important because it shows a big problem right now that I'm fighting every day. It’s the issue that helicopter companies are overcharging for their services when transporting injured riders.

What's happening in South Carolina at least is they're trying to balance bill the injured rider. What often happens when a motorcycle rider falls and the EMS worker or police arrive on the scene they tend to get overly cautious.  So it might even be a minor accident with just Road Rash and they'll go ahead and call this helicopter in to transport someone to the hospital. Then the helicopter company will bill the rifer for an outrageous amount like $50,000 for just taking you half a mile when a lot of times you could have had a family member take you there or even gotten a ride in a patrol car.

Then, instead of accepting what your insurance pays, they're trying to balance bill you the difference and they don't want to budge on it. So, these riders will come to us with these huge bills and we've been able to get these deemed unreasonable as a matter of law in South Carolina and there's even legislation in our State House right now about to be passed to essentially outlaw these companies from doing this to people. We’ve handled two cases in my office to bring this to light and get these worked out in the rider's favor in order to maximize the recovery we were able to obtain.

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