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Tony Edwards

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Top Oklahoma Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Tony Edwards was born and raised in McAlester, Oklahoma, and has devoted himself to serving the  legal needs of the people in Oklahoma as a personal injury lawyer since 1982. After completing his education and specializing in injury claims with other firms for years in Ada, Tony returned home to McAlester in 2006 with an AV Preeminent® rating from the prestigious Martindale-Hubbell to fulfill his desire to bring to deliver more personalized service to clients.

Cities Represented

· Tulsa
· McAlester

More About Tony Edwards

Tony Edwards was born and raised in McAlester and has devoted himself to serving the legal needs of the people in his home area since 2006. Tony took a position with a general practice law firm in Ada, Oklahoma after graduation from Oklahoma University College of Law in 1982 and stayed there for five years before returning to McAlester to join the Stipe Law Firm.

At the Stipe firm, Tony began focusing on civil litigation on behalf of plaintiffs. In 2006, he decided that he wanted to create a smaller firm that would give him an opportunity to provide more personal service and became a founder in Edwards Patterson Law.

Tony is a founding partner of Edwards Patterson Law, which has a passionate mission statement. “We care. We fight. We win. That’s an honest statement of what we do. We treat people fairly and give them our best effort 24/7

In recognition of his good work, Tony achieved an AV Preeminent® rating from Martindale-Hubbell, indicating the highest level of legal ability and ethical standards.

When Tony is not at work, he lives out his personal mission of fairness and service in his local community with his wife, DeVonna. Tony and his wife are members of the Lakewood Christian Church, where he has been an elder for more than 20 years. They are also active in Shared Blessings, an organization launched by DeVonna in 1998 to provide clothing for people in need.

Since its inception, Shared Blessings has continued to expand and now also provides food, household goods, disaster relief, and emergency financial assistance.

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Motorcycle Law Career Highlights

We have fought for and won compensation verdicts ranging from $250,000 to $1,200,000 for clients we have represented who have suffered injuries in Motorcycle accidents.

In wrongful death cases our firm has won compensations in excess of $25,000,000.

Not a penny comes from our Client’s pockets to get our support and expertise in handling their cases. We make our team available 24/7.

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Tony Edwards Answers the Most Commonly Asked Questions from Riders Like You.

What got you involved with helping motorcyclists?

What do you do to support your local rider community?

What events, dealerships, or clubs have you participated with?

Why are you the lawyer they need to call for motorcycle legal help?

What can people expect when they call your office?

What are the most important questions people ask you after an accident?

What can you tell us about wrongful death cases?

Is there a certain case that stuck with you over the years where your expertise played a factor?

If someone comes to you and they weren't wearing a helmet. Do you still represent them?

I rode bikes on and off a bit in high school, and when I was in college. My very best friend from school bought an older Harley that wouldn't run, and I helped him fix it up before I went away to law school. 

During my second year in law school, I get a call in the middle of the night where he had been in an accident on that bike and died. His family was some of our closest friends.

It's one of those things that just really stuck with me. Probably the reason I didn't continue riding anymore after law school was that I had that in the back of my mind, but ever since then, I've just had a place in my mind for Bikers and motorcyclists.

Safety is something that is just so difficult to achieve for bikers because of the nature of riding. 

We've helped our staff who have friends who are bikers by supported a lot of the same causes and charities that they do, then it just evolved. We're now offering our rider VIP Cards as well as providing free insurance reviews. I don't mind talking to anybody about insurance and the coverage that they need because I haven't met a biker yet who had the coverage that they truly needed.

We want to make sure riders have the best insurance because most riders have minimal policies, and most of the time, people try to get by as cheaply as they can with insurance. It's really the wrong decision to make.

We support Bikers against child abuse, and we have worked with a couple of Christian biker groups as well as some of their smaller poker runs in McAlester.

We just recently started a relationship with Abate, and I think that's going to be a good relationship because we really want to do “exactly” what they do as well.

Our experience with motorcycle legal help started back in 1982, so we have been at this a long time, and we bring that experience to our clients. In fact, over the last several years, we've pushed and handled more motorcycle cases, and the more that we treat, the more we see the problems associated with those cases and learn how to address them most effectively for our clients.

Bikers, by and large, do things for the good of the community. Most people have an awful perception of bikers and a wrong perception of bikers because of that 1 or 2 percent of those that are out there doing bad things. 

They can expect to talk to one of our staff members briefly until they find out if it is genuinely about a motorcycle injury. For instance, they'll speak to me if I'm in, right then. But if not, I'll call them back as soon as I can, they can be assured that they will talk to me as I'm the lawyer that has the most experience in motorcycle accidents.

During that initial call I'll try to find out what happened, what caused the accident, what kind of injuries the person is looking at and then I'll find out all the other possible problems like are they off work, do they have to take care of medical expenses or how to take care of the family while being off work. We determine if there are property damage issues if, for example, the bike is totalled, which many times they are. 

After that, we start handing the case like it's a case that's going to go to trial. Most cases don't go to trial, but we begin in that way so that if they do, we're ready. If they don't go to trial and do get settled, that's okay as well.

When you are trial-ready, it helps in these negotiations with the insurance companies. Many insurance companies try to settle early, but when we show that we are trial-ready, the insurance is much more likely to give our client a better payout.

I think the most important question my clients ask me first as a lawyer is, “what happens now?” I give them an overview or an outline explaining what kind of a claim they have and how we are going to proceed. I go through discovery and depositions and collecting medical records and accident reports and talking to witnesses. It is important to them that we cover all of the steps that we have to go through to handle their case.

That's the most important question from my perspective because, it moves them from being concerned to being more empowered and I want them to understand the process, I want them to be able to know what's going on and feel confident to call me anytime.

Most all of my clients have my cell phone number, and I tell them I may not be able to talk to you when you call me, but I'll call you back that same day.

Everyone has questions when they're hurt, worries about how they are going to get by, how are they are going to pay for our medical bills, how they are going to pay for our groceries and that sort of thing.

The toughest part of wrongful death cases is that so many times, people think at the end of the day that if you're talking about a death case, they equate that that's what that person's life was worth, and that's not the case at all.

We have to handle those cases based on what the case is worth. Because you can never replace an individual, whether it's your husband, wife, brother, sister, child, parent whomever. You can never replace them and our system isn't set up that way. 

Our system is set up only to compensate survivors with money. And our job is to get the most money that we can for our client. We handle those cases, and we try to work with the entire family throughout the process. 

Usually, one person is appointed to be the personal representative of an estate, and we'll talk to them every day because they are truly our client, we will, however, address an entire family if necessary to convey anything that needs to be communicated to them and answer all their questions.

There was a case where a motorcycle was struck on a county road head-on by a pickup truck causing death to the biker rider. The investigating officer and the driver talked and decided that they were both left-of-center.

However, when I went out there and looked at the scene, the gouge marks and exactly what happened. It was apparent to me that the truck was the one that actually came left of Center. 

After taking a lot of pictures, we hired a reconstructionist to come out. The reconstructionist and I went through everything step-by-step and the reconstructionist confirmed the truck was the one left to center. We were able to collect the policy limits on that truck because of that decision and my experience was how we knew to bring the reconstructionist in to confirm my suspicions after reviewing the evidence and the scene.

Another example was when I represented a young man that just graduated from Welding school. He started a job two months earlier, he and his wife and small child they were kind of on the right road until he had a pretty severe motorcycle accident.

He was a young guy very well-spoken, but he had tattoos on his arms, and I had that fear that the insurance company when they saw him, wouldn't want to pay on his claim like I believed they should.

He was articulate enough to explain everything to the other attorney in his deposition, but after weeks went by when we talked about the case and what had happened, he confirmed that they weren't offering anything because they were prejudiced against him.

They had pictures of him, and they believed their driver. They said that his motorcycle light was not on, yet we were able to prove that when we started the bike up and the light was on automatically and with that and his deposition testimony, the insurance company came back and made him an offer on his policy limits. This was another example where my experience or expertise with insurance companies showed value for a client.

Absolutely, we would represent them. The lack of a helmet may not be much of a factor at all depending on the type of injury they had. Then even they had a head injury, we would do our very best for them. It is definitely not required to have been wearing a helmet to become our client.

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Client Comments

“Tony has been an absolutely amazing attorney to have. He helped us during what has been the most stressful time in our lives and took care of everything, so we didn’t have to worry. Thank you, Tony, for being so awesome. We appreciate you.” – Alisha

“Mr. Edwards has represented me on several occasions. He works hard to get positive results for his client. He is highly knowledgeable on all aspects of the law. I would highly recommend Tony Edwards for all of your legal concerns.” – Carolyn

“Couldn’t have asked for a better attorney! I was in a car accident a few years back that resulted in some back pain and major damage to my vehicle. Mr. Edwards was able to get all of my medical bills and vehicle bills covered and did so quickly. Anyone who has had to deal with an insurance company knows how difficult of a task that is. He was able to make a frustrating situation so much easier. Very pleased.” – Kristin

“Counselor Edwards settled my personal injury case with great satisfaction. He and his staff were efficient, walked me through the process and all the documents I needed to provide, kept me informed along the way. I could concentrate on getting better. Thank you, Mr. Edwards.” – Bob M.

“The best attorney I have ever had! I hired Tony Edwards to represent me in a case for a car accident. I was very impressed with the first-class service that I have received from Mr. Edwards and his team. Every time something comes up, the solution from Mr. Edwards is always swift and professional. No waiting around for days, or sometimes weeks at a time, as I have dealt with in the past with other attorneys.”

“He has no problem picking up the phone to talk to me if it is necessary. Even when not dealing with Tony directly, his team is very knowledgeable and kind. I would absolutely recommend hiring Tony Edwards to represent you in any instance, and I know I will recommend him to my friends and family, as well as anyone else needing legal assistance. I am extremely happy with everything Tony Edwards has done for me, and I will be using him in the future again.” – Chance

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Professional Associations Tony Edwards is a Member of

  • Began practicing Law in 1982
  • Oklahoma Associate for Justice
  • American Association for Justice
  • Bar Register – Pre-eminent Lawyers
  • AV Pre-Eminent Lawyers
  • National Academy of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers (NAMIL)
  • National Top 10 Trial Lawyers
  • National Top 40 under 40 Trial Lawyers

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