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Glen F. Larson

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Glen F. Larson – Texas Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Glen Larson, a native Texan, started the Larson law firm because he wanted to work within the community, he lives in. He wants personal relationships with his clients, and he want them to know that 24/7 he and his team are there for them. Whether its meeting them at a local coffee shop, at work on their break or in their home. Glen and his team engage with their clients like they are family members and meet them wherever they choose.

Glen may have multimillion-dollar cases he has won for his clients, but he hasn’t forgotten how to meet up with folks at the local coffee shop! No matter what you feel the merits of your case are Glen is your local guy and capable of meeting your needs.

Glen F. Larson

Glen F. Larson

The Law Offices of Glen F. Larson
5113 Southwest Pkwy Ste 190
Austin, TX 78735

Telephone number 1-512-699-1382

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Cities Represented

· Houston
· Victoria
· Beaumont
· Galveston
· College Station
· The Woodlands

More About Glen F. Larson

As Glen puts it, there are good lawyers and bad lawyers, and good doctors and bad doctors, and good restaurants and bad restaurants. Just like any business. And so, that is why he and his team at the Larson Law Group make themselves a little more relatable and a lot more accessible.

Glen feels strongly about community and the sense of family that close communities offer. Knowing not everyone feels comfortable in an office, Glen’s team is happy to come to you. Their drive to support the entire community is seen in every aspect of how they conduct themselves and their business activities.

From contests, to lifestyle experiences, Glen and his team serve their community in more than legal ways. They support and present events like live music at home in the heart of Austin. Working with Glen and the team will feel just like working with family that knows you, “gets” you and wants the very best for you.

From medical care to accident reconstruction expertise no stone is left unturned to ensure fair, equitable compensation for personal injury clients. Their decade of experience locally makes them a preferred choice when you need someone advocating and fighting for you with insurance companies. If you aren’t ready to reach out to them via their 24/7 phone service, message them on social media because there is always someone online to support you!

Glen F. Larson Answers the Most Commonly Asked Questions from Riders Like You.

What makes Glen Larson Law different

How does your firm engage the Texas motorcycle community?

What is an insurance coverage analysis?

Tell us about a case that best exemplifies your firm

What questions do people usually have after an accident?

What can people expect when they reach out to your law firm?

We are in the business of protecting loved ones from catastrophic situations. We are a boutique style, white glove approach law firm that focuses on a holistic approach that encompasses family and social impacts as well as legal requirements when a catastrophe occurs.

Our goal is to ensure that you have the peace of mind to heal, sleep peacefully and recover. You have enough responsibility with unexpected necessary medical care and all the other unexpected life needs that you must address. While you are taking care of your day to day life demands, we are doing the heavy lifting to ensure your fair treatment during this time and compensation that meets your needs. When your case is resolved, we are still here with and for you. We are interested in lifelong relationships, we want you to feel like you have a friend, not just a lawyer. You have a butcher, a banker, a painter, and we are your lawyer.

One of our key focus points as a firm is in supporting folks that are injured within the motorcycle rider community, I have personally witnessed just how catastrophic those situations can be.

We are giving away a Harley Davidson FXDR 114 or the motorcycle of their choice up to $20,000. So, if people want a chance at winning a motorcycle from us, they can go to

We also have a legal guide for a motorcyclist and the Rider VIP Card with extra benefits.

The Rider VIP Card includes a music world backstage pass and gives you direct access to me and the other investigators from my law firm. We serve this community from a holistic perspective, not just a legal perspective by addressing the experiences and hobbies of riders that makeup the lifestyle experiences enjoyed by them and their families.

When you need any of our services you can call our office or message us on Facebook. I am often on there myself; we are modern firm, so we are responsive on our social media.

We do a free insurance coverage analysis for people when they are buying a new bike. We make sure that they have all the right coverages they may not have considered. For example, “full coverage”, is not what most would think full coverage is.

You can access that directly or through the Rider VIP Card also. We know that insurance policies, like insurance companies, can be misleading. It is a sort of buyer beware experience without previous experience to lean on when making your choices.

I had a situation several years ago where a motorcyclist was in a serious wreck, his head hit the pavement in the accident and his helmet was severely damaged. The good news is the gentleman survived.

We really look outside the box of what is going on with the injuries and making sure that every motorcyclist has access to every single possible medical exam to make sure that no possible physical injuries are overlooked or missed.

In one particular case with a client (Lets call him “J”), “J” and I were speaking at length, and I noticed something that concerned me. “J” appeared to be very scatterbrained in his communication with me. He did not seem “right”.

He kept telling me like a lot of bikers do, "Hey, I am fine. I am lucky to be alive. I am going to keep riding.", all this kind of stuff and then five minutes later he asks me like, "You know, I cannot remember where I bought my first motorcycle.". Which is bad. Those two do not go together.

He seemed like his thoughts were jumping all over the place. And I suspected from my own experience, having had a concussion and understanding its ramifications, as well as from serving other folks with brain injuries, head injuries, and general concussions, that something wasn’t quite right with “J”. It seemed like we should look at something else. I am not a physician obviously, however my experience said that we needed to have a deeper look into his physical condition. So, we arranged for him to be evaluated and got a second opinion.

It turned out he had a serious brain bleed. He unfortunately needed a craniotomy. He had to have head surgery, fortunately it was a fairly minor procedure. Still a major surgery but not as catastrophic as it could have been, and he survived. And because of that he got even greater compensation. And the good news is he was able to pay off his house and do a whole bunch of awesome stuff. Had we not taken that extra step; he could have missed the opportunity to get the treatment he needed.

Do I really need a lawyer? That is number one question asked, and the answer is, yes, and find a lawyer that is a good fit for you personally. Hire someone that specializes and will focus on you and your specific type of case. Somebody that solely does injury work, is dedicated, and is a boutique type of atmosphere so you know you will get the amount of attention you need and deserve.

The second question is more of a statement, do they need to go to a doctor if they think they are fine. Again, the answer is yes, they must go to the doctor right away.

And because the biggest thing that insurance companies look for is,” Did you go to the doctor right away”. They are fine. And then, somebody is calling me three months after a wreck and saying, well, my ribs really hurt, you know, this kind of thing and this hurts and that hurts. The first question we asked them is have you gone to the doctor yet. Sometimes people say no, there are ways that we can work with people on that to get them through that situation, but it definitely is a red flag that the insurance companies look for.

They can expect a member of my team to immediately let them know that they made the right decision. They can expect to speak to a member of my team and actual employee, not a recording or an answering service outside the office We have on call employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We believe that this shows that we are a little bit more dedicated and that we really want to provide that personalized touch. We will answer all their questions and spend as much time with them as they need to feel comfortable and informed with all of our documentation and agreements. From there they will get a clear game plan from us about what to do next. And one of the things our firm does that most others don’t is that we also assist with any property damage and we do not charge any fees for that. That is just something that we handle as a customer service.

We only get paid on an injury settlement based on a contingency fee percentage. We will meet our clients anywhere they need us to, I mean we have met people at gas station. We have signed paperwork with clients at Starbucks, we always tell them you name the place where you are most comfortable, and we will come to you. Also, we will help get our clients access to medical care that typically most folks don’t have access to. So, just because a client does not have health insurance does not mean they should not get medical treatment. And we will explain that to every client.

Client Comments

Glen Larson Law was the best decision I made after my accident. He is very fair and experienced, He made everything easy and simple to understand about the whole process. He kept in contact with me with phone calls and letters. I only had to go to the office a handful of times.

Even after I moved out of state he kept working and didn’t forget about me, he made sure I didn’t have to fly back for anything and was able to keep my case from going to court. I really thank Glen and his helpful team (Lucy and Marco) I got to work with and would highly recommend. All my friends and family know to go to him.

Kayla Cooper of Austin, Texas

Mr. Larson and his team made my recovery and legal process absolutely seamless, even from out of state! I felt relieved as soon as they took over. Mr. Larson thoroughly explained the details of my case and was available anytime I had questions. Caring, professional, and respectful communication was a priority.

He and his team found reputable doctors and scheduled medical appointments for me in multiple cities as I was traveling. They efficiently organized transportation for me when I did not have a vehicle. I then received financial compensation that FAR exceeded my expectations. Mr. Larson works hard to make sure you are taken care of, get what you deserve and have complete peace of mind throughout the process.

– Jac Burak of Austin, Texas
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Mr. Larson takes a personal approach to taking care of his clients. Any questions or issues I had I was able to talk to him directly. Every member of his team is there to make sure you and your family are well taken care of. They even helped find where to pick up my prescriptions while I was out of town for medical treatments. When his law firm is on your team, you’re gonna win. I would definitely go back if I’m ever in need of his services in the future.

Michael Pavone of Auston, Texas

Professional Associations Glen F. Larson is a Member of

  • National Academy of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers

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