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Thomas Schimmerling

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Thomas Schimmerling – Binghamton Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Many bikers will tell you about the breathtaking freedom from the seat of a motorcycle, yet they will tell you it can also be devastating for many.

Attorney Tom Schimmerling knows after helping numerous clients involved in motorcycle-related accidents that there are few things more exhilarating or as dangerous as riding a motorcycle at any speed.  Although some motorcycle accidents are caused by those who drive recklessly or don’t pay attention, many bikers are simply innocent victims at the mercy of fellow drivers. Tom’s staff, and his associates, know what can happen when a biker goes out for a day of pleasure in the sun only to have it end in tragedy.

Cities Represented

· Binghamton
· Endicott
· Delhi

More About Thomas Schimmerling

Many years ago, in the middle of a trial, a very prominent judge pulled me aside, looked me square in the eye and said “Tom, when are you going to stop worrying about everyone’s rights… and start making some money?”

I was determined to be both successful, and to care deeply about protecting and advocating for my clients. Since that statement was made, fortunately the judge’s premise has turned out to be flawed.

Everyone has something that sparked their vision or passion for what becomes their life’s work, I a no different. When I was a young boy here in New York, my parents had a thriving little bakery business right next door to a supermarket. This was perfect for foot traffic and steady business, until the worst possible thing happened. Fire, it began in the supermarket next door and spread which destroyed our family bakery. My parents had taken the right precautions and had their business fully insured, but the insurance company short-changed my parents and as a result it was years before they were able to start another business.

In the meantime, my father, when he could find work, worked a series of hazardous jobs. I will never forget my father coming home with these painful chemical burns all over his hands. None of those hardships should have occurred at all, these events that made life harder and more difficult for our family only occurred because an insurance company did everything possible to cheat my parents out of their rightful compensation.

I have always been passionate about my family, clients, and my community. I am clear that I am a citizen first and a lawyer second. After all my family’s experiences, I feel a strong need to “pay it forward” and help others wherever I can. This has led me to becoming a founding board member of our local Habitat for Humanity and a founding board member of the Catskill Area Hospice.

For the last 20 plus years now, my office has sponsored the Safe Night Program on New Year’s Eve, we do that by paying for thousands of safe cab rides home for those we celebrate with. We have also provided thousands of bicycle helmets to local children and have recently started to sponsor the child SAFETY PAD at SpiedieFest.

One of the things someone wrote about me that I am most proud of was this: “Tom Schimmerling is a devoted man. He devotes his time to his family, his community, and his clients. You won’t find him ‘rubbing elbows’ on the golf course.”

I suppose that’s true. From the beginning I could not bear to watch injustice…to see people being taken advantage of by insurance companies, the way my parents were. That’s why, at Schimmerling Injury Law, we are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of justice for the injured. We work hard to see that every client obtains the maximum settlement or award.

Tom’s Legal Education

  • Syracuse University College of Law – JD -1976
  • Hartwick College – BA – 1974
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Client Comments

“Tom Schimmerling runs a law practice that always acts energetically in the best interests of his clients. He and his staff are highly competent, respectful and responsive. A phone call will always be returned, additionally Tom gives back to the community. He does a significant amount of pro bono work. The firm has given bicycle helmets to children at their expense, provided free taxi rides to residents of the Binghamton area on New Year’s Eve and in many ways shown himself to be an exemplary citizen as well as a highly competent and successful lawyer.”

Ed K. Binghamton, NY

“Back when I injured my leg Tom Schimmerling was the first person I called as I lay in the hospital all broken and didn’t know what to do. Tom came to my house and we sat down over coffee and discussed my case thoroughly and he kept in contact with me over the 2-year period that it took for my operations to finally heal my leg. he did a wonderful job of negotiating a settlement I could live with. thank you, Tom!”

Michael W Endicott, NY

“Tom Schimmerling, Esq. is a truly remarkable trial lawyer. His knowledge and expertise are unmatchable and beyond reproach. I have utmost confidence in his abilities and am most certain he would do everything humanly possible to obtain a fair and honest settlement for any person’s case. Tom can readily be described as “the lawyer’s lawyer”.

Richard J. Binghamton, NY

“I called Schimmerling Injury Law Offices about a personal injury case and I was very pleased with the results. Tom Schimmerling and his staff are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and highly competent. They always made me feel comfortable and never talked down to me. I will highly recommend this firm to my friends and family!”

Appolo M. Endicott, NY

Professional Associations Thomas Schimmerling is a Member of

  • National Academy of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers – Founding Member
  • New York State Bar Association, Subcommittee on Lawyer Alcohol and Drug Abuse – Chair – 2016 – Present
  • Nassau County Bar Association, Lawyer Assistance Committee – Secretary – 2015 – Present
  • American Bar Association – Professional Liability Committee Member
  • American Association for Justice – Committee Chair

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