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Jeffrey S. Glassman

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Jeffrey S. Glassman – Boston Motorcycle Accident Attorney

When Jeffrey Glassman represents you for an injury, he is addressing it the same way he would if he were representing his mother or sister. Jeffrey’s firm resolves hundreds of client’s claims each year, maximizing their results while caring for their needs. Since he first opened his practice on Valentine’s Day in 1995, he has maintained his focus on creating a law firm that is aggressive, honest, and well-respected within both the legal and insurance communities. They have won awards in excess of $3,800,000 for Motorcycle accident claimants.

Jeffrey S. Glassman

Jeffrey S. Glassman

Jeffrey S. Glassman LLC
1 International Pl 18th Floor
Boston, MA 02110

Telephone number 1-919-207-7105

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Cities Represented

· Boston

More About Jeffrey S. Glassman

As the founder of the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman, LLC, Jeffrey personally ensures that every client receives personalized service and the most aggressive, effective advocacy that they can provide.

Jeffrey Glassman has devoted his professional career to helping and representing injured people for the past 24 years. Injured people need a caring lawyer because too many times, insurance companies resist paying fair compensation and benefits to injured victims. When insurance companies fail to do the right thing, Jeffrey takes it “personal” because the injured victim has already experienced physical, financial, and emotional hardships.

Jeffrey’s determined approach to each case is, “I will not settle this case for less than the fair and full value” and “I will take the case the distance if necessary.” Jeffrey has consistently proven his ability to obtain the highest value for his client’s injuries while providing unparalleled personalized service. This philosophy and approach can, unfortunately, be unique in his field.

Jeffrey is proud of what his firm has accomplished and is happy that he has been able to help so many people. Jeffrey is both approachable and reachable. He will usually return your phone call the same day or within twenty-four hours.

On a more personal note, you might find Jeffrey engaging in one of his many interests, including hiking, swimming, chi gong, tai chi, yoga, skiing, travelling, music, tennis, golf, and nature photography. Jeffrey founded a non-profit organization called RainforestMaker dedicated to growing back rainforests. People say he is a Rainmaker by day and a RainforestMaker by night.

As a part of his passion, Jeffrey created an initiative for lawyers called LATTÉ, which is an acronym for Lawyers Accountable to The Earth. Lawyers go through ten times more paper than the average office worker, which amounts to approximately 24 trees each year per lawyer, Jeffrey wants lawyers to be environmentally conscious when running their law firms. Jeffrey has converted his entire office to 100% recycled paper a few years ago and is now working on getting other law firms to do the same after serving on the Massachusetts Bar Association Energy and Environmental Task Force inspiring other law firms to implement the MBA Green Guidelines which he also helped co-author.

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Motorcycle Law Career Highlights

Jeffery and his team has won over $3,800,000 for Motorcycle accident victims in Boston.

Client Comments

Jeffrey Glassman and his associates were great. They were with me from the beginning to the end and kept me informed throughout the process. I would recommend this law firm.

– Ann S

I am very happy with the services they provide. Although I hate that I have been in pain since the accident, I am very grateful I had someone working hard on my side. With so many firms in the area, it’s hard to know which one to choose; this is a firm that will definitely put 110% into your case!

– Julie Tran

Choosing Jeffrey Glassman’s law firm was the best decision I could ever have made. They treated me with complete respect and made me feel protected.

– Kate Y

Jeffery’s Legal Education

  • Suffolk University Law School, Boston, Massachusetts, 1991
  • Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice, Massachusetts, 1991

Professional Associations Jeffrey S. Glassman is a Member of

  • Founding Member of the National Academy of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers
  • American Association for Justice
  • Rain Forest Maker Member

How Jeffrey S. Glassman can help with your Motorcycle Accident Case.

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